Ikulu is a Swahili word that means mansion or palace. In colloquial use, it has come synonymous with the presidential palace or state house.


This is the dream that we are creating for our clients, giving them their very own mansion or palace.
As a pioneer in the field, Ikulu Homes is unique in that our clients can choose from our professional designs put together by some of the most talented architects in the region.
These designs are tailored to provide not only elegance and style but comfort and practicality.
You can be the owner of your very own palace, wherever your land is located and begin living your dream.
Your land, our build, your home.


Modular Interiors Limited is a Kenyan based multi-faceted Construction Company with operations in several key areas, namely Housing Construction Solutions, Oil & Gas Construction Solutions & Interiors Design & Construction Solutions.
Modular Interiors Ltd has over the last eight years  built a reputation as one of the few companies in Kenya that offers a truly turnkey solution by providing a full range of products that address all aspects of the development, construction, refurbishment and occupancy of buildings to organizations that are considering relocating, refurbishment of premises, construction of new offices or commercial premises.